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The Little Prince

The Little Prince

by Terry Truck

Based on a Book
Dance Musical

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince

A theatrical adapatation of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


After an aviator descends from the sky to find himself in the middle of the desert, he meets the Little Prince, a young hero on an extraordinary adventure. Join the Little Prince on his journey as he meets many fascinating characters who help him learn how to follow his heart.


  • This production is not a traditional play or musical, but uses dance, circus arts, and video to tell the story; it will be up to individual awards committees to determine category eligibility.
  • There have been many play, musical, opera, and film adaptations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Le Petite Prince. This listing is for the stage musical version by Chris Mouron and Terry Tuck.

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Terry Truck


Chris Mouron

Broadway Premiere

Broadway Theatre
Opening Night
April 11, 2022
Total Performances
Original Cast
William John Banks, Dylan Barone, Aurélien Bernarek, Joän Bertrand, Antony Cesar, Marcin Janiak, Andre Kamienski, Marie Menuge, Chris Mouron, Adrien Picaut, Srilata Ray, George Sanders, Laurisse Sulty, Lionel Zalachas
Anne Tournié and Chris Mouron
Anne Tournié
Broadway Entertainment Group
Musical Director
Terry Truck
Costume Design
Peggy Housset
Lighting Design
Stephane Fritsch
Sound Design
Tristan Viscogliosi
Projection Design
Etienne Beaussart
Video Design
Marie Jumelin
Hair and Wig Design
Carmen Arbues Miro

Award Nominations


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